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Gideon Hadi Kusuma
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In manufacturing concrete readymix & precast, there are factors which affect variation in things such as material, manufacturing process & testing method. Hence manufacturing concrete becomes inefficient and inconsistent. To overcome this problem, a computer software has been created to optimize gradation of aggregate thus the mortar factor can be determined (improvement of overall concrete performance)

Three graphs used for optimizing aggregate grading are:

  • Individual percent retained chart
  • Coarseness factor chart
  • 0.45 power chart.

For all of the above, construction requirements that affect mortar should be considered when optimizing a mixture.

Keywords : Efficiency, consistency, sustainability, individual retained chart, coarseness factor chart, 0.45 power chart, Mortar Factor.

Aggregate gradation in concrete mixtures has been shown to affect constructability, strength, durability, pavement smoothness, and economy, as well as segregation, water requirements,and admixture dosage requirements. Optimized gradations are those that have been enhanced in some manner, such as making the material more well-graded, in order to enhance some property of the concrete. Additionally, shape has been mentioned as a possible factor in the successful use of optimized gradations and mortar factor.

The potential benefits resulting from using optimized gradations can be significant. Initial costs may be reduced if cement paste content can be lowered, as well as required air entraining agent dosage. If required water content can be lowered, shrinkage can be reduced along with potential cracking. If constructability is enhanced, then durability and smoothness can be improved, resulting in both lower initial and life-cycle costs.

When concrete production is efficient, consistent and sustainable, required aggregate gradation optimization can be measured through computer programs. This article focuses on how a computer program can produce good concrete mix through three graphs (Individual percent retained chart, Coarseness factor chart and 0.45 power chart)  with Mortar Factor determined on all of them.